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c o u r s e . s c h e d u l e

fall quarter 2018
note: schedule subject to updates and adjustments throughout the quarter
:: check back for updates

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week 1-B (9/13) 

:: Systems thinking | COntrol Systems | Feedback Loops

System domain 1 assigned - FOOD

Read: Toward a Healthy Sustainable Food System

week 1-A (9/11) 

:Course Introduction
Instructor introduction
Student Introductions
Review of EDP studio policies
Intro to systems, systems thinking and cybernetics


week 2-B (9/20)

:: Systems in class design exercise 1 - observing trees
w/ System domain 3 assigned - TREES

Read: COmplexity Rising

Download: NetLogo

week 2-A (9/18) 

Systems survey : biological systems

Explore Drawing tools

System domain 2 assigned - SENSES

Download: GIMP

Download: Inkscape

week 3-B (9/27)

Climate and weather systems
1 on 1 project 1 review 

Studio work day
System domain 5 assigned
abstraction of STORM, WEATHER or CLIMATE maps

Read: Baudrillard- "Simulacra and Simulations"

week 3-A (9/25)

Systems survey : environmental/ecological systems
Systems simulation software – Net.Logo

System domain 4 assigned - PREDATOR-PREY

week 4-B (10/4) 

M I D T E R M - Assigned
1 on 1 project 1 review

week 4-A (10/2)

Gamification of systems (Powergrid)

Systems survey: industrial systems
Systems control/feedback

System domain 6 assigned NANOSYSTEMS

week 5-B (10/11)
m i d t e r m
P R E S E N T A T I O N s

Presentation Project 1 


week 5-A (10/9)
c r i t i q u e
m i d t e r m

Presentation/Critique Project 1 

week 6-A (10/16)
makeSystems survey: information systems
Internet:/network/computer systems

Electricity basics 
Solder workshop 


Read: E.M. Forster - ”When the machine stops”

week 6-B (10/18) 

Electronics systems 2
System design exercise



week 7-B (10/25)
c r i t i q u e

more elecronics - interactive sound systems

1 on 1 project 1 review

week 7-A (10/23)

In class design exercise

  • Makey-Makey

 week 8-B (11/1)

Integrated Systems/Networks



week 8-A (10/30)

no class

::please meet with your group and work on final project

week 9-B (11/8) 

Final project studio work day

1 on 1 project 1 review

1) WNYC Radiolab, "emergence"

week 9-A (11/6)

Emergent/complex systems
Studio work day

1 on 1 project 1 review

week 10-B (11/15),
f i n a l
c r i t i q u e


::Final Project Presentation/Critique - design & built system

Tuesday 11/20



Final deliverables will include the following materials:
All Final Project files and documentation as archive on a USB Flash Drive:
1) Systems drawing & design architectures for Final Project
2) All software associated with final Project
3) Documentation of Final project( video, photo & sound)

To be e-mailed to instructor:
Critiques/synopsis of 3 cultural events cumulative for the quarter. Note: synopsis of each cultural event should be e-mail within 2 weeks of attendance.

week 10-A (11/13)

Final project studio work day

1 on 1 project 1 review